This game is an hybrid between flappy bird and tetris. Move, rotate and fit your tetramino in the sockets.



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An option to play with keyboard would be swell! It's kinda rough to scroll with my dusty trackpad.

The game play is bugged. I shouldn't have to restart over when my piece can fit perfectly through the opening. 

Cool game, kinda hard with a touch pad on a laptop :D

Graphics could be better or rather more creative, still good though.

Awesome concept. satisfying as heck.

It nicely combines the frustration of flappy bird with the satisfying feeling you get when you complete a line in tetris. Good job!

An excellent combination of Flappy Bird and Tetris, a challenge that you have to think fast to place the pieces correctly. This game is part of the subgenre of "Puzzle Runner".

My entry for the Game Off 2018. It is an hybrid between flappy bird and tetris.